Bay Area Artist’s Association at Pony Village

Pony Village Mall

Pony Village Mall

On Saturday, April 18th, I scooted over to the Pony Village Mall to see the Bay Area Artist’s Association exhibit.  They completely filled a cavernous space with stunning art and some very good deals indeed. 

First, I spoke with Cheryl Lee Lindmeier who makes unusually tactile weavings with natural objects. It’s a good thing her intricately layered wall hangings are under glass because you want to feel and examine the shells and feathers and grasses with your fingertips. Her work is also being featured at the Black Market Gourmet through April. Cheryl has a beautiful eye for color and is a wonderful host. She introduced me to a few artists including Hope Nolen Sessums and Joan Goodman.

Hope is a sculptor who works with cast glass and bronze. I was quickly riveted to a small dish with a hibiscus painted on the back prior to firing. The flower created an almost abstract pattern when viewed through the front, which was heightened by textural detailing.

Joan is a watercolorist and made me laugh more than once with her wry humor. Her vitality comes across in her work. Joan and woodturner Rick Fox own Fossil Point Studio in Coos Bay. I had to get a very reasonably priced vase created by Rick.

Next I visited with Ron and Donna Wright. Ron crafts frighteningly realistic birds from wood and I’m fairly convinced he’s actually a magician. Donna is not only a very talented watercolorist, using a poured method that allows the work to speak to her regarding which direction it will take, but she also makes jewelry that are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. I always nudge Donna to get her wares to Hollywood or Vegas because they belong around the necks of movie stars and possibly shamans. Maybe that’s where Ron gets the power from?!

Next I spoke with Carol L. Young, an author and watercolorist (maybe you can tell, I like watercolors). Carol gave me the low down on soil fungus and then we talked about how she captures light in her work and how her paintings are veering toward photorealism. She’ll be featured at Gallery by the Bay later this year.

After scoring a landscape by the prolific veteran North Bend artist Curt Hitch, who was busy all day generously discussing techniques with everyone, I met Carol Turner.

Carol was giving an oil painting demonstration and BAAA took full advantage of it by placing her front and center. I easily got lost in her highly detailed and professionally crafted paintings. There are several “en plein air” workshops on the coast, but Carol’s workshop is a little different in that it includes camping for the weekend with both cabins and recreational vehicle accomodations available – oh, and white water rafting on the Umpqua River! That must be for the impressionists.


2 thoughts on “Bay Area Artist’s Association at Pony Village

  1. What a nice expression! We worked hard to get our Art Garden together this year and you have made our day! Thanks so much, While I am no longer being shown at Black Market Gourmet, my work will be shown at The Coos Bay Library in September 2009 and in The Evergreen Court Assisted Living for three months starting in November 2009. or just e-mail me and I will send you some pictures.

    Please, will the wonderful person who wrote this article reveal yourself to me!

    Watch for our Studio Tour featuring artists’ from Charleston, Oregon
    Cheryl Lee

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