Artist Employment Opportunities

ARTINFO is a wonderful resource for artists.  I wanted to bullet point some opportunities from those currently offered  that may benefit artists on the coast.  Let’s all share our gifts and have a profitable 2009.

  • We are in the process of selecting 100 contemporary artists to be featured in CREATIVE GENIUS, the 4th book in Masters of Today 1000 Contemporary Artists Series, one of the most professional visual art resource and opportunity for publicity and advertising.


  • The Santo Foundation is a not-profit arts organization founded by professional working artists.


  • Playhouse gallery is a creative platform that is passionately dedicated to presenting the works of a diverse group of artists. The gallery’s focus is to make art affordable and accessible to the experienced and evolving collector, while providing a unique, welcoming, and encouraging space for guests to explore, and share in our love of art.  We are looking for artists and curators from all levels of experience to submit artwork and exhibition proposals.

2 thoughts on “Artist Employment Opportunities

  1. Nice to meet you.
    Your blog is very interesting, lots of information. I am just now taking a peak.
    I look forward to finding out more about you and Canopy Gallery.
    Thank you for your wonderful service.
    Your blog is very uplifting and inspiring.
    In Joy

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