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N2N Mediation Services

N2N Mediation Services

I recently attended a “Chair-ity Fundraiser,” a benefit for Neighbor 2 Neighbor Mediation Services where over thirty artists donated their time and talent.

Held at the Pony Village Mall, this event began with a mock mediation, which was a wonderful way to demonstrate how N2N Mediation works to find common ground between people within the community. It also had the audience chuckling with its gentle humor.

Entertaining auctioneer Dale Hartley then led the live auction of creatively decorated chairs. There were some real standouts such as the “Reconciliation Chair” rocker by Vicki Affatati who left the wood grain alone, but added a gilt heart with wings and a tree painted on fabric that was used as upholstery. I also liked the “Garden Chair,” by Nan Forsberg-Hammons, especially the bee painted on the leather cushion. A child’s rocker imaginatively painted with an aviation motif by Laurel Alvarez was entitled, “Peace Overhead,” and came with it’s own wee suitcase and sock monkey. The scene-stealer was “Wishful Thinking,” by Jeff Trionfante that looked like it might take off, hover, swoosh at people and then land in a Tim Burton film.

There was also a wine tasting and a silent auction. Victoria Tierney won my heart with a subtly dramatic watercolor of the top of a waterfall. Up close it was all fluid line; from thirty feet away it looked photographic. Unexpectedly, I was given the opportunity to play too as a furniture mover, but that’s just the way it is when you’re living the glamorous life.


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