A Weekend of Art

Careers in Art Panel

Careers in Art Panel

We are all so fortunate to be living on the Southern Oregon Coast because of the variety of events available. Saturday, May 9th, began for me with the monthly meeting of the Bay Area Artists Association at Southwestern Oregon Community College. BAAA was holding a Careers in Art Panel given by Svetlana Maslakova, Veneita Stender and Ariann Eslinger Lyons. Moderated by Sherry Howk, the panel discussed how their backgrounds in fields different than art (biology, grant writing, architecture, academics) influence their creative processes today and conversely how art informs every ones occupation. They also celebrated students artists with certificates, awards and presentations of their work: Chloe Jamison, Shilo Thompson, Aboni Toulou, Karen Takahasi, Melissa Barr and Kayleigh Duval.

SAGE Gallery revealed the vibrant floral oil paintings of Tina Bryson, who sold four paintings in the time that I was there. Don’t be concerned, she said she was willing to take commisions if the one you wanted got away. Because flowers have symbolic meaning, floral paintings are an excellent way to add good feng shui to an environment. A painting of your wedding bouquet for example, would not only be a great keepsake, but holds the vibration of love, commitment and fidelity in your home.

I love SAGE Gallery, they have a great sunny view, it’s very well laid out, and the all of the people who operate it are so friendly. How often do you walk into an establishment and feel genuinely welcomed? If you stop by, please notice the raku ceramics of Dominique Fougerolles in crackle finished turquoise; really fantastic craftsmanship.

The Bandon Public Library also promotes artists; Fred Vassar’s SOCC watercolor class was being shown, they meet at the Senior Center in the BARN, Thursdays from nine-thirty until twelve-thirty. Feel free to stop by and talk with them.

Sunday found me at Shore Acres where artists were painting plein air surrounded by rhododendrons and families out celebrating Mother’s Day. I talked with Joan Goodman about how watercolors captured in the field glowed in a way that was difficult to capture in the studio.


3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Art

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  2. Thank you for the great write up about our gallery; I am delighted to know that your experience was included in your wonderful website.

    We look forward to having you join us again.

    Anne Sobbota
    (Owner, SAGE Gallery)

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