The Story of Stuff

reclaimed material

reclaimed material

by Liz Youngker

by Liz Youngker

My friend, local artist Liz Youngker, paints on reclaimed materials. For example, her painting Power (right) was created on a large slab of industrial foam board (left). This makes it incredibly easy to transport and hang due to its lightness and it saved material destined for a landfill.

The Story of Stuff is a twenty minute film by Annie Leonard who traces the path of consumerism from beginning to end. The website offers empowering choices that anyone can make to shop intelligently so that we remain healthy, productive and financially prosperous as consumers. Sustainabilty is of vital importance to our local economy and environment.

“When you can, buy local products from local stores, which keeps more of our hard earned money in the community. Buying used items keeps them out of the trash and avoids the upstream waste created during extraction and production.” I mean, who doesn’t love a garage sale?


One thought on “The Story of Stuff

  1. Wow. Yes. Liz does some awesome work on the most unlikely stuff. I have a couple little pieces of bed sheet that I treasure. She needs a larger audience and I do hope she gets it. She is better than great. But then that’s just my opinion. Let’s hear it from others.

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