I Twitter

twitter, twitter, tweet, tweet

twitter, twitter, twett, tweet

Therefore I am, in 140 characters or less. Why? Well, yesterday I came across Janet Vanderhoof, or as she can be followed on twitter @janetvanderhoof. And I had to comment on the painting she used as her background, Wilcox House Kauai, because I design twitter pages for people (web design page: Rainbow Connections. So, Janet, who likes painting cowboys as well as tropical islands, twitters back because she is having a gallery opening soon on the Oregon Coast at the Silver Heron Gallery in Depoe Bay. Now that’s a little far for me to travel from Coos Bay, but I was really glad to get info on Silver Heron Gallery (for their web design alone; it was worth it), and the next time I’m up there, I’m going to want to find it and stop in. Janet knew all about the Coos because her brother-in-law was looking at business prospects down here. So a great connection with an artist, but things are just getting started.

One of Janet’s followers retweeted her post (RT for short) because something clicked for her (probably due to the fact that she inspires artists) and so we connected too. Shannon Grissom synthesizes several of my life ambitions and when you have that recognition inside, that “aha” moment, it’s wonderful. Interested in promoting and inspiring artists, Shannon also has a performance background and a desire to contribute philanthropically. I signed up for her newsletter immediately. Check out that video!

I have to say this is the most amazing time in which we live, in half-a-dozen tweets, I’ve connected to two wonderful people and we’ve been able to learn things about each other that might not have been brought up if we had met at a function (here’s my card, do you have a pen, etc.) You can follow @ShannonGrissom too on twitter and that’s another aspect of social media, there is an inherent built in egalitarianism. Sitting at my desk, it doesn’t matter what I look like, or how much I make, or any other superficial label we might use to put people in boxes. I’m known simply for how I choose to communicate what I think and feel.

One last look at answering why I twitter. I tweeted about my first photo, Lotus Hearts, being loaded on Etsy and @jilloatmeal (cute name right, actually it’s Jill Rice) out-of-the-blue responds, “So beautiful, nature at its finest 🙂 ”

That just plain feels good.


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