The Last Two Weeks

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

I have been out of pocket primarliy due to Facebook. No twitter. No artist finds. Nada. It has been great reminiscing with friends and family, some I haven’t connected with in over a decade, but I just haven’t been posting with the very real result of loss of readers! So better get on it, hmmm?

During our last ArtWalk! at Gallery by the Bay, I stepped in for Jean Boynton, who had to skedaddle in order to make her own opening at Pony Village Mall. Carol L. Young was the featured artist, displaying realistic watercolors and photographs. I encourage you to go and see her wonderful works. Carol will also be teaching a watercolor class at Easy Lane Frames and Select Art Gallery, for information call the Snoddy’s at 541-756-7638. Also on hand was Patricia Worth who is launching a jewelry business, who you may know from the Unity bookstore and as a Prudential Broker here in Coos Bay. Although the traffic was slow, there was one-on-one conversations with the artists!

The Bay Area Artists Association had a very well attended picnic at Bastendorf Beach on Saturday, July 18th. Great food and conversation with new people, but the attack of the chilling fog bank had me running back home early just in time for a nap, which based on my crankiness, I needed. Ron and Donna had arranged for a GREAT collaborative event with artists, something I’m up for, usually. Did I mention I was c-c-c-cold. It’s July, folks.


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