Bay Area Artist’s Association

Curt Hitch
The Bay Area Artist’s Association (BAAA) had a meeting on Saturday, August 8th at the Southwest Oregon Community College. Several pieces of business were discussed.

First BAAA has finished collecting entries for the upcoming exhibit at the Coos Art Museum running October 9th through December 5th, 2009, and the turn out had been better than ever–it promises to be an excellent show. BAAA will also be having an upcoming show in the Eden Hall at SOCC.

Member Carol L. Young’s work is currently being presented at the North Bend Library.

Member Sherry Houk announced an exhibit at the Evergreen Court at Baycrest Village. The exhibit featured some incredible art by the following artists: Kathleen M. Bailey, Spencer Billington, Curt Hitch, Sherry Houk, Jerry Lembke, Barbara J. Mahon, Carolyn Merriam, Clayton Redwood, Christy Sanders, Jane Snoddy, and Kimberly Wooster. Carolyn Merriam’s “Desert Beauties” watercolor was promptly purchased and I have to rave a bit over Christy Sander’s excellent watercolor of “Betty,” a cat portrait that was subtle, elegant and surprising with bold colors and dazzling whites, selectively used.

Curt Hitch spoke about his creative process, especially collage and three dimensional art and from where he draws some of his inspirations. A great business tip that he shared: if you ask a price for a painting, you’ll need a business license, otherwise you could choose instead to just leave a contact number.

Rondi Potter, from Art Connection, came to speak about exciting products available such as encaustic wax paint and pan pastels in cake form that greatly reduce mess and health risks.


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