Star of Hope


Star of Hope supports the Arts in Coos County through two programs: handmade cards and handmade woven rugs. You may also be familiar with “one of the oldest continuously working Myrtlewood Factories on the Southern Oregon Coast, The Oregon Connection, a subsidiary of Star of Hope.”

“All Hand made note cards are made by individuals who work at the Star of Hope, using their own creativity to make each and every card unique. Star of Hope is the second largest recycler of paper products in Coos County and we believe in saving Oregons natural resources. These distinctive, one-of-a-kind cards are made from the paper Star of Hope recycles that would otherwise be discarded in landfills and other waste streams. Star of Hope uses local resources from our area such as rose and wisteria petals and other Oregon Coast foliage to create the special fiber in our cards.”

Visit them at:
Star of Hope
657 Newmark Ave.
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Or see these products at the following locations.

The handmade woven rugs may be purchased online.

Special orders for rugs and runners may be placed by calling (541) 888-8893 or to fax order (541) 888-8444

Email them at for questions or orders.


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