Art on the Go!

Charming Holidays Treats and Surprises

The studio of Alison B. Antelman

The last eight months have been an excellent time of growth and change.  “Driving a U-haul, no longer in Oregon, and wanting to expand into a greater degree of self-expression” kind of change. As a result, I have been forced to rethink the future of Canopy Gallery.

Wednesday found me in Berkeley, California, where I happened onto to an excellent community of artists and eco-champions.  Susan Brooks is the founder of Berkeley Artisans, now a 100 member strong collection of professional artists and craftspeople that offer free, self-guided tours for the Holidays of their Open Studios, on Saturdays and Sundays through this Christmas Eve.  Susan graciously offered to let me peruse her wonderful work even though it was mid-week.   Susan is a stylized (and stylish) figurative painter and jewelry designer whose hip work pulls from ancient cultures via a saucy New Yorker aesthetic.  I wasn’t the only one who was eager to meet Susan, as she had a friend in who was a top chef, but her friend charmingly demurred to refer to herself as anything but a cook.

Susan then recommended another nearby artist and jewelry designer Alison B. Antelman.  Alison creates jewelry from powerfully sculptural, hollow “puffed” forms. Alison favors unusual stones like raw diamonds and emeralds, which have a powdered-sugar quality, similiar to druzy quartz. I marveled at her ingenious clasps. She was very excited, preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement and will be teaching at Scintillant Studios on January 23rd and 24th, 2010. I give great thanks to Susan and Alison for their graciousness and inspiration, they should sell the pants off Santa.

As for the future of Canopy Gallery, I’m considering opening this website up to bloggers in many different locations in order to better catch the artistic pulse of America.  So write a comment and let me know your thoughts.  Would you enjoy becoming a local arts writer? What do you think of this as a catch phrase?

“The Local Art Scene, Nationally”


6 thoughts on “Art on the Go!

  1. James,
    I’m glad you happened upon my studio.
    Thanks for spreading the word about Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios.
    I started this event 19 years ago because I believe strongly in the work of the hand and the survival of fine craft as an art form
    and a viable livelihood.
    Thanks so much for your article.

  2. You’re very welcome, Susan, it was a terrific experience for me. Your passion and dedication to fine craft and your community is obvious and inspirational. I wish everyone success and a Happy Holiday Season.


  3. I read what you wrote in your Canopy Gallery site with great interest. I use to reside up by Carmel and we had a great art community also. I’m happy that you connected with Suan Brooks and Alison Antelaman they seem to design art jewelry pieces . It seems that both of these successful artists can help you reestablish yourself if you move to California. I like what you said about the New York sense of style. You’re absolutely correct that a different style appears to exist on both the East Coast and the West Coast. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen jewelry made from the quartz looking raw diamonds you described in the article. I never saw an uncut diamond but I imagined that it was pretty unspectacular. I like the idea that you may allow blogging on your site. I wish you the best of luck in whatever direction you decide to take. The main thing is that your talent will always prevail.

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