Kiyomi, Julie Wright and the Joys of Collaboration

I’m very fortunate to have kept a friend for over thirty years who continues to delight, support, entertain and challenge me. Artist and world traveler Kiyomi always has a few things cooking and I am happy to say we have found time to collaborate on a project together. She and I have been promoting the amazing work of another friend, Julie Wright, by creating a video highlighting Julie’s life changing program “Yoga for Intentional Living with Julie Wright.”

We three have been having so much fun with this venture.

Simultaneously, Kiyomi has had her work shown at the The Labcabin in Hollywood and at the Riverside Arts Council.

Kiyomi describes her work this way:

Themes have included nature, ritual, spirituality, love, energy and dreams. Regardless of the medium or series, all pieces incorporate rhythmic movement, color and organic forms. Using various types of media, I use layers of rich colors, combining lines, shapes, shadows and textures for a multi-dimensional effect.

My favorite works by Kiyomi are her multimedia pieces that involve painting on both the front and back of acrylic blocks, creating shadows as the light passes through. Her vibrant colors and swirling patterns evoke such happy feelings in me and are quickly snapped up by both patrons and gallery owners alike.


Multi-media mood plaque


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