Art in Santa Monica

In my last post I introduced my readers to my friendly dynamo Kiyomi. To thank me, she introduced me to half the artists in the Free World or so it seemed.  Hamilton Galleries and Bleicher/Golightly is currently featuring artist Warren Long who lavishes as much attention on his frames as his paintings. This attention to detail, captured in vivid colors, pays off in wonderful, light-hearted impressionistic dreams of life near the ocean. Not only do his works feature angels, I need to say thanks for the angelic assistance that came in the guise of a woman named Dolly, who lives above the gallery and somehow wrangled the headlining artist to graciously show me the work tucked away in the back (you see we admired the same painting and apparently Dolly decided I was okay, right then and there).

Turned On is less salacious than the title infers featuring artworks by a variety of artists that include electrically powered moving parts.

A Survey of Kinetic and Light-based Art is a group exhibition of 12 artists working in a variety of mediums and genres who incorporate light and technology in their finished product.

Joella March was not only responsible for creating my favorite piece at Bleicher/Golightly titled Hope: Ode to Mnemosyne (a clever, semi-dangerous filing cabinet with liquid filled drawers and electrically operated fountains and neon signs-but elegant) she also curated the event.

I am inspired by the infinite potential of the imagination and the alchemical nature inherent in art making, where otherwise benign materials and objects transform and redefine themselves when juxtaposed. ~Joella March

Mention needs to be made of Brian Stotesbury’s Blackbird, an animated cube of light that ran off a floppy disk and Kyle Chew’s South Jump, a small television that featured a jumping man and liked to play along.



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