Bright Lights, Dig City – Upcoming Art in Santa Monica


Joella March – Chandolier, LIT

At 1431 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California, lives a Siamese-twin gallery known as Hamilton Galleries and Bleicher/Golightly. One entrance serves all. And what are they serving? Incandescence. On September 25, 2010, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Bleicher/Golightly will be holding a reception for LIT, a group exhibition curated by Joella March. Lit “will display a variety of artwork from formal to conceptual including: neon, found objects, L.E.D. text, video, light projection, interactive video and installation, fiber optics, microprocessors and machines.” Many of the artists, including March, were on hand for their last exhibit, TURNED ON, and it was a pleasure to discuss processes and politics with the group while noshing. LIT will spark your appetite for something even bigger and brighter and you will not be disappointed.

Santa Monica’s biannual GLOW is being held the same evening, beginning at 7:00 p.m., so when you leave the gallery, cross the street and enter optic nirvana, where you will be bathed in extravagant displays of light on the beach.

“Glow is an all-night cultural experience featuring original commissions by artists that re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory temporary artworks.”

As an example, artist Christopher O’Leary describes his piece, ALTER EGOS, as “a video-based time machine,” which measures the flow of traffic and turns that information into a video that references science fiction and comic book characters.

If you are a hoarder trapped beneath your collection of Baywatch memorabilia, do not despair, the complete soundscape can be downloaded online thanks to KCRW and its music director, Jason Bentley. The Glow Festival features brilliant innovation, dancing, music, and although I personally can’t vouch for unicorns or rainbows, it will be magic — so wands to the ready!

Santa Monica’s GLOW
Bleicher Golightly Gallery: Santa Monica
Glow Festival Santa Monica Pier ’08 – YouTube video by irvbuzz57,
music by Lettuce


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