PLACE Performance Co-Op

Back to the Grind. Do you know it? If you live in Riverside, California, center of the Inland Empire, you really need to come hear it’s beating heart.

Cool? Check. Inclusive? You bet. Good music? Hell, yes.

Last Sunday, I was wandering the downtown looking for something, anything, to do, when it suddenly dawned on me. Riverside, rocks. I don’t need to run to the O.C. or L.A. in order to be part of an innovative art scene. It’s happening here.

I wander into Darren’s establishment, he’s the tall, hip guy behind the bar who’ll chat you up, if you give him a second. I’m thinking I’ll just go get a tea when I realize this guy is bobbing up and down between tables, swaying and then he does a back bend. Really? Yeah, it’s modern dance at 4:00pm on a Sunday afternoon and the place is packed and grooving on the dancers performing around them.  And on the saxophone player.  And on the espresso brownies, (good grief – mouthgasm).

P.L.A.C.E. stands for Possibility, Location, Artistry, Collaboration, and Evolving and there is a Summer Workshop being planned, so check them out.


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