Artist Roger Allen Baut


Before the Gate

My friend, Roger Allen Baut, and I met on Twitter and formed both a friendship and alliance.  Roger has a wonderful way of celebrating life and honoring folks.  I thought I would return the favor here by featuring his biography.

Roger has an eclectic and diverse background, ranging from metaphysics and spirituality, to education and social studies, and creative arts. He has been a long-time photographer, who has over the past several years, begun to develop his photographic work, into a collection of what he terms: “contemplative photographic art.” Roger defines contemplative photographic art, or contemplative photo/art, as “certain photographs, which may lead the viewer into a calm, thoughtful, peaceful, and/or lightly meditative state.”

Roger goes on to say, “In this contemplative state an individual may connect, gain access to, or come into resonance with his, or her, own ‘inner’ being, and from this connection, perhaps gain insights that may assist that person, on their journey of life on Planet Earth.” As you view his images, take your time, and see what lies within the realm of each photograph, as each image holds a message for the person viewing it.

Perhaps a photograph will rekindle memories from one’s bygone days, lead one to experience a period of relaxation, or guide one to an important personal insight that will manifest while viewing an image. This is the hope, or intent, of the contemplative photographic art of Roger Allen Baut™.

Roger’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies (Psychology and History: major, and Poli-Sci: minor) graduating Cum Laude and with departmental honors, and member of the Golden Key National Honor Society, in 1989. He completed a Master of Arts, in 1993.

To view some of Roger’s contemplative photographic art and projects, please go to:


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