Riverside Artswalk November 2012

Art on Time and Light at The Culver Art Center

The Riverside Art Museum featured the OrangeAID exhibit, made up of 100 globe-sized fiberglass oranges painted by local artists.  Two of my friends were featured, Kiyomi (Zenutopia) Kajiyama and Mike Cuff.  Sponsorships were $500 with the money being earmarked for quality educational events and future art exhibits.

Mike Cuff holds a B.A. in Graphic Design, lives in Perris and loves new and unusual things, as seen by his realistic orange that had one side peeled back to reveal sinister interlocking machinery.   “You will be assimilated!”

Kiyomi (Zenutopia) Kajiyama is a graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton and considers herself a “flow” artist, bright colors swirling around life affirming phrases that empower the viewer, which is in perfect alignment as she is also a certified Chi Gung instructor.

After leaving RAM we stopped off at the Life Arts Center, where I met painter and photographer, Albert Aguirre, who’s paintings of Buddha drew me into his loft space.  “I like these,” I said with enthusiasm, “buy one,” he challenged.  We quickly came to an agreement and I walked away a very happy owner of a shimmering buddha head, all three of us smiling contentedly.

We finished off at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, where following our viewing of the immensely entertaining showing of Ecce Homo: The Paintings of Edward Beardsley, we were drawn upstairs to participate in a photographic experiment on light and time, where I gifted them with a photo that was nothing short of demented (not shown – absolutely not shown).

Given this successful Artswalk evening, where I ran into a dozen friends also enjoying the carnival atmosphere , Riverside has truly earned and is deserving of the title, City of Arts and Innovation.  Part of what makes Riverside innovative is our  much awarded sustainable green practices.  The next Artswalk will be on December 6, 2012.


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