Five Reasons Why Pixels is Awesome

I have been on Pixels since the middle of October, 2013 (so about two months at the writing of this post). Pixels began as Fine Art America, but changed names when it went international. I absolutely love everything about this company. The reason for my love rests mainly in the fantastic design job by the creator, Sean Broihier (read more here). Anyone can join, load up to 25 images and have the ENTIRE experience for free. I quickly decided that the $30 annual fee was worth the ability to load additional images and have my own dedicated website gallery (which is a nicer version of the free page I had and is branded to match Canopy Gallery.

Here are the five top reasons I recommend it:

1. Traffic

From the very beginning I was receiving 100 hits a day. I have chosen to load 3 images a day and the hits have doubled to about 200 hits, per day, after only two months. Each page is automatically set up to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

2. Community

There are groups to join and those groups and individual members create contests, so there is plenty of opportunity to share your artwork on the site. I have the ability, through an activity feed to see everyone who has commented on my work. I can select certain artists whose work I admire to watch and their art will show up on my activity stream, as well as the work they are recommending.  Plus, once a week, I receive a newsletter with my updates, also blog posts on art and a collection of local events tailored to me. There is a great deal of positive feedback and creative ideas and people are very generous. This is a fantastic community.

3. Ease of Loading

I load a picture once and the prints and cards are automatically generated from that. All size, frame and mat choices can be seen prior to buying. The phone cases are adjustable by the buyer so they will always be exactly what is wanted. When loading, I can select multiple groups to share it with and multiple galleries on my webpage where the art can be highlighted. All of my pricing and social sharing is automated through a preset default, but any individual choice can be easily changed if I decide something different for that particular artwork I am uploading.

4. Full Resolution Preview

I can offer to my buyers a close-up experience of what the print looks like, prior to purchase.

5. Protection

The artworks are protected through watermarking options, the blocking of right clicking copying and checkerboard close-ups (so only 50% of the high-resolution image is available through the resolution preview). Also, when buyers visit my page, they won’t be shown other artist’s work and possibly lured away. The page is devoted to my work for as long as the buyer chooses to browse.

For a point-by-point tour (so well organized!) click here.


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