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Janis N. Senungetuk recently spoke with me regarding how I might increase sales for my art. “Who are you creating your art for, who is your customer?,” she asked.  What a great question. The short answer is, I am creating art for myself and hoping others like it. My actual buyers have predominantly been friends (God Bless Them).

However, there is a market that I am interested in reaching, a very specific client that I hope to empower. People who identify as LGBT, and even more specifically, those in recovery. It is a direction I have been going in for some while now and has led me to create CELEBRIETY a men’s group on Meetup.

“CELEBRIETY is a community of men who are passionate about celebrating life and honoring one another. We are gay, bi and trans guys. We have survived toxic shame, identity crises and possibly addiction. We are now claiming our authentic selves, our gifts, our humanity, our brotherhood, our friendship and that we deserve the best that life has to offer. We stand in solidarity, kick up our heels in joy and combine our gifts and talents to heal and empower ourselves and the world.”


In the next weeks, I will be tailoring my work to to achieve that goal, so stay tuned. I deeply appreciate Janis’ viewpoint and her suggestions, she even shared with me a personal client and recommended I contact her. Janis truly cares about artists and proves an excellent guide and coach, her company is JNS Creative Vision.


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