Healing Photo Art

I had the opportunity recently to work with the wonderful Elaine Poggi, Founder of Healing Photo Art, a Foundation that places photographic art in hospitals.

“Through viewing these pictures, a new window to life is opened for our patients, which gives them greater appreciation for the beauty and variety found in nature and the world. Thank you for assisting us in caring for the needs of the entire patient – mind, body, and spirit.”
-Kikuyu Hospital, Kenya, Africa


Since 2002, Elaine’s Foundation has placed more than 4200 pieces of art in 250 facilities on six continents! The artists donate their images digitally and Elaine handles reproduction and shipping in an incredibly well organized and simple process.  Healing Photo Art will give as a gift five framed photographs or ten unframed prints to any needy hospital in the world! People contact Elaine to offer donations and also to honor a friend or relative in memorial.

Very grateful to have my photograph, ‘Whisper,’ chosen to be added to this collection of art. Elaine promises to let me know when and where the artwork is displayed, I am happy anticipating making a difference in someone’s life.

Art Prints


3 thoughts on “Healing Photo Art

  1. For some reason when I click on the link in my email I get a “nothing found on that page” error message. I hate having you think I’m not paying attention! And what an honor to have this artwork part of such a worthy work. I can’t think of any more significant purpose for art than to heal – physically, emotionally, mentally. Beautiful James.

    • Thank you, Lianne, I appreciate you commenting. No worrying over technical stuff, it’s nothing either of us can control, the “improvements” of these sites is sometimes baffling. I always appreciate the insight and inspiration from the amazing people I have connected with, but honestly I can’t keep up and don’t always give feedback either.

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