Healing and Art by Dr. Andrew Lesko

There are pockets of magic.  You know it when you step inside the circle: the lighting changes, there is frisson in the air, the contrast is profound from where you were seconds ago. That was my recent experience entering Dr. Lesko’s chiropractic clinic on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Wall-to-wall paintings and sculptures litter the space, and this alone makes it worth stopping in and saying hello. I watched Dr. Lesko quickly adjust three people while I finished my paperwork. His clients were quickly led to tables where massage therapists began to work on them. When I sat in front of Dr. Lesko, he briefly ran his hand down my spine, accurately and intuitively knowing what needed adjustment. He has entered the realm of master, those people who by virtue of thousands of hours of practice, cease to think through their actions, they simply are in the flow. His rates are compassionate. There was live guitar music by a client, who Dr. Lesko joined with, playing on the mandolin. A bit like Tony Randall’s The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, this is a transformative experience and wholly unique. “Everything in it is a wonder.”


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