STEFENart Located in #Berkeley #California a Must for Mural Art


The man on the ladder, is “The Dutch Boy.” Amazing artistry for home and business is being done by STEFENart. Check out their information below:

Business Name: STEFENart
Type of Business: Art and painting (Murals, canvases, decorative painting)
City: Berkeley, willing to travel

Contact Information: (510) 548-9845 / 501-5330 cell
Look/See:, Email:

Murals: Public/private, interior/exterior, photo-realistic, visionary, painterly, decorative, spot murals, fresco. Since 1974
Canvases: Landscapes, visionary, trompe-l’oeil, abstracts, portraiture, pet portraits, posters, illustrations, labels, backdrops, stage sets, signs, etc. Since 1968
Design: Consulting – Colors
Interiors: Specialty & decorative painting – faux-finishes, detailing, borders, crests, you name it.
Realty: House Staging, picture hanging, arranging


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