Nikos Diaman of #SanFrancisco #California Offers Limited Edition Photographic Prints

Nikos Diaman Limited Editions Photographs

Nikos Diaman of San Francisco writes:

“My subjects include landscapes, architectural details, vegetables displayed at a farmers market, flowers either growing in nature or part of a still life arrangement, as well as personal interchanges between people in public. I find beauty within both sparse simplicity and lush elegance and am especially drawn to vivid colors. Above all I strive to present a fresh artistic vision.

In a society that too often values material goods above human welfare, art is frequently considered a luxury limited to the wealthy few and gauged by its ability to command stratospheric prices. I reject this narrow proposition and affirm the necessity and importance of beauty in the lives of all people.

I want my work to remain affordable. I am committed to quality, utilizing the best available paper and inks. Each image is offered in a unique edition and will not be reissued in a different print size or incorporated into an auxiliary product.

My work is currently available on textured watercolor paper in three sizes. The smallest inkjet prints are 12 x 16 and the largest 24 x 36. The edition sizes range from 100 to 30 and the individual images are priced from $125 to $450. I am willing to negotiate flexible payment terms with prospective buyers.”



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