Measure Your Journey in Friends, Not Miles

Douglas, you always come from the heart, wonderful post!

7 Questions every Artist needs to ask before Varnishing an Oil Painting

Shane Blount

Fantastic portraits!

surface & surface

shane blount - surface and surfaceRealist portrait paintings from Irish Artist Shane Blount.

shane blount - surface and surfaceshane blount - surface and surfaceshane blount - surface and surfaceshane blount - surface and surfaceshane blount - surface and surface

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Meditating Earth

This is EXACTLY how I’m feeling today: very supported, blessed and sending out the love!

Gabriel Navar

Meditating Earth

“app 4 eco-survival”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas
20 x 16 in © 2014 Gabriel Navar

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Weekend Inspiration–

Play is so important not only in stimulating our creativity, but in honoring our inner child and self-nurturing. A wonderful post by Painting Pundit.

Painting Pundit

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 9.03.40 AM has a fabulous article for inspiration titled: 20 Art Inspiration Ideas for Creativity.  All 20 are great ideas.   One favorite for me is number 19, Making Art for Art’s Sake.  The premise behind number 19 is to simply create outside your usual comfort zone.  19 suggests trying something new or different, not focusing on theme or idea or anything in particular.  Just create.  Play a little bit.  Have some fun and see what happens.  Playing around with a cubist style does that for me.  I have no preconceived notion of where I want it go.  I just play with the color and the shapes and see what develops.  Try some of Artpromotivates’ ideas and follow where they lead.  At the very least, have some fun.  I’d love to hear about others experiences.  While you are on Artpromotivates’ site, check out some of the other motivational tips featured…

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When Angry, Draw Guinea Pigs

“A long time ago I discovered that if I stop whatever else I’m doing and just look at something and draw, before too long I’m back in myself again and the chaos recedes. There is peace and sanity in drawing.” ~So important to, as “Dapplegrey” recommends, take your attention away from the problem and put it on “the solution.” Whether that means meditation or exercise or friends or creativity or quiet time in nature, “changing the channel” allows for an emotional shift to a better present moment. Wonderful article. Enjoy.

Invisible Horse

Sketchbook Guinea Pigs 2

David Bennett at the Light Reading blog says that guinea pigs are ambassadors for world peace, and I believe him.

There’s a place I go when I’m angry, or upset; when I’m frightened, or confused, or when I just want everything to stop for a while. I grab a sketchbook and a pencil and head for the guinea-pig pen at the top of the park.

It’s a steep climb up the hill which also helps, because walking fast uphill is a good way to get things out of your head. Today I stomped up the path between the dark lime trees with the damp afternoon air cold on my face, breathing hard, head down, trying to empty my mind.

When events or circumstances overwhelm me, emotion takes over and I can’t think – or rather I can’t stop thinking, but only in the most chaotic and unhelpful way. A long…

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“Here Comes the Sun” Painting-a-Day by Emily Jeffords

Previously, artist Emily Jeffords set her sights on attending the upcoming Alt Summit and needed to generate more work in order to make it happen. You can read more about that in this previous re-blog: Alt Summit Bound PAINTING-A-DAY.

“Congratulations, Emily, the work is beautiful, enjoy your convention!”

“Here Comes The Sun” Painting-a-Day, oil on canvas, by Emily JeffordsAlt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords

The final painting in my mini painting-a-day series is here!  My brushes are still messy, my studio even more so, and the canvases lining my studio walls cheer and delight me.

“Here Comes the Sun” is a fitting way to end this mini series.  Warm tones, movement, loose brush strokes and creamy & vibrant colors speak to the hope that each new day brings.  I love the muted tones and the lush textures in this landscape and how they contrast with the lightness and vibrance in the sky.  Winter is ending and the warm spring days are in the air.

This painting is 16×20 inches, oil on canvas and will be available in my shop in ONE HOUR, at noon (EST), today!

This is the end of this short painting-a-day project.  However, there is a lovely collection of originals & prints on sale in my studio shop.  Check them…

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