New BOOK! “The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance” by James Elmore

In this book of channeled guidance, I share both a process on how to write intuitively, as well as the uplifting messages given by my spiritual guides. These messages address such themes as love, service, blessings, manifestation, unity and awareness.

I believe anyone who begins to use this process will be able to do the same with practice and faith. What follows my journey of discovery is a collection of channeled writings ordered by theme.

A few guidances received by me:

“Believe what you would enjoy to be your reality as already true, coming from a state of love for yourself and others.”

“Pleasure matters to you because the physical being known as James understands the goodness of life through these sensations. The goodness of life is the benefit of living in alignment with the Presence of love. We say Presence because of the Divinity which exists through the expression of love. The Divinity exists regardless of the expression. See that Divine Being resides within regardless of the expression. Celebrate your ability to express love for the expression is the purpose of incarnation.”

“The heart’s power to heal self and others is far beyond what is currently understood or accepted. Your power is the best understanding you can have of the state of your heart. Heal your heart and allow it to shine and be amazed at your power.”

After working with this technique for some time, I began to notice that sometimes my left hand would suddenly twitch just before I fell asleep. After a few of these occurrences, I had the inspiration to try writing and was surprised by the result! There was a message that came through; a message which I had been unaware of prior to putting pen to paper.

5.0 out of 5 stars We all have the ability to connect January 20, 2015
This book is very well written. The simplicity of the words helps you to understand and know that guidance is out there for us, for everyone. James Elmore puts it into perspective, to help us know how to receive messages from the Divine. He shares his very own messages.
I recently lost my husband and I need this connection. I need to know my husband is now with his own guides and that I too have that connection. It’s comforting. Thank you James!

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